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Born in Bonn Bad-Godesberg, Germanny

1980 – 1983

Apprenticeship in the restoration of original Renaissance paintings in the studio of Maurizio Bazzini in Florence, Italy.

1983 –1987

Internship for restoring contemporary Art at the Restaurierungszentrum - Kunstmuseum Düsseldorf and the Städtische Gallerie im Lenbachhaus, Munic.


Carol Pilars de Pilar begins to paint and to work on sculpture. She interacts with many artists from the Art Academy of Düsseldorf and in the atelier complex she is part of. It is a time of experimentation during which she investigates on materials, and on how materials shall shape her ideas in their becoming an art work.

Currently, she works in sculpture, watercolour, collage and with biographical audio recordings, which she integrates into installations. She works on projects alone or in cooperation with other artists, exhibiting in Germany and abroad.

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