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This book is part of the art project "Circle of Looks" by Anne Schuelke, Carol Pilars de Pilar, Thyra Schmidt, Adwoa Adjei. 2018 to 2019
These autobiographical stories and portraits were created in collaboration with women from Bangladesh, Germany, Ghana, Iran, Pakistan, Romania, Somalia, and Chechnya. Some have the legal status of refugees. Others don't.
"Circle of Looks" invited this random group of women to take part in activities: cooking, talking, posing for portraits
and creating clay bowls. During one performance, the women spoke and sang into these ceramic bowls.
A video recording of the performance resulted in a two-channel video.
The initiators also took part in the activities and attention was shared between all: in this way,
"Circle of Looks" dances on the borders between here and there.
In autumn 2018, Katja Grawinkel-Claassen, together with Madhusree Dutta, Miriam Koch and Mithu Sanyal, hosted a
discussion at the Forum Freies Theater. Dutta is director of the Academy of the Arts of the World in Cologne, koch is the director of the Office of Migration and Integration in Duesseldorf, and Sanyal is an author and journalist.
The women talked about solidarity, migration policy, empowerment, art and the ambivalence of visibility.
In April 2019, the NRW Forum Duesseldorf presented an exhibition documenting the process, featuring drawings,
watercolours, the two-channel video, a project summary and the book.
The women's stories appear in English and German plus the following languages: Sahra, Somali, Janna, Rusian,
Kajol, Bengali, Anne, German, Carol, French, Margret, Twi, Zainab, Urdu, Eafa, Twi, Sableh, Farsi, Nabdi, Somali,
Amnia, Arabic, Grace, Twi, Jasmin, Bengali, Adwoa, German, Hani, Farsi, Selena, Romanian, Schalise, Farsi.

The two chanal video installation can be seen in Vimeo:
Circle of Looks Anne Schülke

At the website of Kunststiftung NRW Foerderprojekt 2019 you can read an article written by Christina Irrgang, about the exhibition and the project. Kunststiftung NRW

The documentation of the migration discussion at FFT Forum, Duesseldorf.Frauen in Aufsbruchs und Ankunftssituationen

Funding and collaboration: Kunststiftung NRW, Diakonie Duesseldorf, Forum Freies Theather Duesseldorf,
Intermigras e.V., Ministerium fuer Kinder, Familie, Fluechtlinge und Integration / Komm-An NRW.

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